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I rarely wear those earpieces

That’s my latest “I am working” haircut


An Apple Gift this Chinese New Year

While beginning to write this post I am looking out of the window. I can see few red color accessories hanging from the head of the windows on almost every floor, on the opposite side of the building. I see…. It’s the Chinese New Year. Now, on retrospection I understand why all the traditional Chinese eating joints are so over crowded and why almost everything is sold out in the shops. It’s the season of shopping, hopping and gifting. In this post I would talk of gifting – The tradition of gifting during festivals in Asia. However as I write about gifting, I must highlight the most sought after gift is American.

It is not new that Apple is the most preferred gifting brand amongst the Chinese consumers. This fever is very much in trend in Singapore for sometime now and peaks during the Chinese New Year. Apple has ramped up its current ‘iphone’ 6 offerings for this occasion at different telecom service providing outlets like Singtel and Starhub in Singapore.

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The swanky looking sleek gold and silver handsets are a crucial part of lifestyle and personal statement not only amongst the affluent and semi-affluent sections but also among the youth and senior adults of the asian society (broadly speaking about China, South East Asia and South Korea). It has grown into every conscious, ambitious & fashionable’s brand of desire. Well, I desire this brand and love to own it. Apple has outranked Samsung in technology and luxury brands like Louis Vuitton & Hermes in China.

Now with the Apple ‘iwatch’ expected to come onboard very soon it very soon going to create a huge space for itself in this already-crowded niche market. I am an ardent Apple lover and feel it has truly become the brand of gifting for the moment.

A short update from my new city – Singapore

Its been quite some time now I have blogged, though it was subconsciously there in my mind. Lots have taken place since the last few months. Changes are not limited to my location only, but an emotional and lifestyle upheaval has taken place too. Relocating from Seoul was decided. Yes, moving to a new place, living in new city, working in a new place, living in a new home do sound interesting, yet familiarising with the unfamiliar is the most daunting and exhausting task.

Singapore – my new destination, is a very simple & easy place to live in, yet I have not found my place yet. Unlike Seoul where I only consumed visual content due to lack of understanding the language, here in Singapore I don’t face that challenge, however I still lag behind to catch up with the pace of the city. Be it the SG50 campaign running across the city or the semi-tropical undefined style of fashion, I am finding it easy yet baffling to grasp entirely. Talking of fashion, unlike the Korean culture where “whats-in” is the key to dressing throughout the year, here in Singapore it is more about comfort. The best time to experience the dressing scene in Singapore is during the early rush hours in the morning. Appropriate make-up, nude shade kitten heels, linen trouser and long scarfs are the usual everyday woman wears. My workplace is simply cute with lot of happy and chirpy Singaporean faces and a very inspiring boss. Everyday here is a challenge, yet a new learning. I am stumbling every moment and standing the next.


IMG_6892Hope I find my place in this new city soon. Keeping Fingers Crossed