The Travel Look – Because fashion is a state of mind

Last week we traveled to Busan. A beautiful coastal city at the southern tip of South Korea. Busan is the second most largest city in Korea both in terms of population and popularity after Seoul. A 2 night 3 day trip which wasn’t very awaited turned out to be one of the most memorable trip of my life. Maximum fun with minimum luggage with free hands to capture what our eyes see in Camera is my husband’s travel mantra. I abide it. Therefore a long light pink shrug, a pair of light leather-like comfortable boots, a pair of black shorts, 2 tops, a bag with essentials and a pair of cool sunglasses. 





The experience of sunset added further to happy minds and curious souls.IMG_7149

The pink shrug was so ideal amidst nature and the cool breeze 



Cool water splashes at the Gangwali bridge at night was awesome.


I was just beginning to take that 4.7 km trail path right behind me. Unplanned of course.
IMG_7333It was such a fun. Loved every bit of it



Boutique Shopping…. The Full Spot Factory & Moeum

Seoul is truly a shopping haven. Unlike other destinations of Asia (where I haven’t been yet) Korea prides itself for its made in Korea label. Unlike any other metropolis Seoul has all of Michel Kors, Zara, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Farrago, Forever 21, Burberry, H&M and all yet here exists a great behavior of boutique shopping trends. The best places of Seoul to check out boutique stores would be Itaewon (where I stay ), Appujeong, Gangnam and Garosagil . It was in Garusagil one day while I was wondering with my camera where I came across two stores about which I would like to mention in post today.


The Full spot Factory – Now this is a popular brand from Italy. Though it has made its presence felt very much in Europe, its now in South Korea for some time. However unlike the trend of getting every single consumer centric name to the glitzy image of ruthless ‘brandism’ the Full Spot Factory is playing it quite and niche among the selective buyers in Seoul. I happened to have strolled into their shop, primarily because of the attractive colors and loved every bit of it. I did not know about this brand before. The Full spot factory Seoul outlet is mainly endorsing bags at the moment and they are worth a buy. Sleek, bright and different would be the 3 words I would like to describe them with. They have different sizes and are priced from $75 (US) and above. Check them out at or their Facebook page at

2 3 4 5 Moeum – Honestly, it was their very inviting walkway décor to the store, which got me. Moeum’s footwear style was classic and honestly was not anything I hadn’t seen before. But even the classic designs, which they displayed, were stylishly unusual. Specially the colors used and the intelligent use of leather. Their collection of summer flats and gladiator flats were very distinct which I have not seen in Seoul or other parts of Korea before. Check them out at The décor including the wall art was breathtaking. It will surely attract any buyer’s attention.

1 2 3 4 5

My Top 10 Asian Fashion Industry News – April 3rd Week


  •  Christian Dior Couture Collection Hits Hong Kong Runway – The high-street fashion fever in Asia is growing at a hasty rate. Christian Dior’s Haute Couture collection that was repeated in Hong Kong featuring modern aesthetic and strong silhouettes in colors like navy, black and ivory seems to be creating a trend in this part of the world.


  • Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week Closes in Beijing – The 17-year-old Mercedes – Benz China Fashion Week was concluded in Beijing. It was an event of huge scale attended by 47domestic and overseas designers, and about 110 promising designers and models and around 600 from domestic and overseas media. Chinese fashion designers showed more tendencies for ready-to-wear to meet to new market demand in the slowdown of the macro market environment at home and abroad.


  • Pakistan’s first time designers showcases jungle design, calling it “Love Bug” – This is probably for the first time in Pakistan where seasoned designers like Zara Shahjahan and label Saira Shakira are showcasing designs inspired by the jungle flora and circuses at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week respectively.


  • South Korea’s new fashion landmark: Seoul Design Plaza – After a close watch on its progress and a little wait South Korea witnessed the inauguration of the Seoul Design Plaza at Dongdaemun. Also known as the Dongdaemun Design Plaza & Park (DDP) the area is fast becoming the center of fashion and creative design industry in South Korea. Designed by renowned Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, this building is the world’s largest 3D structure. It will now serve as the government’s flagship in lifting the country’s fashion and creative design industry to new heights.


  • Luxury Watch-maker SevenFriday comes to India – With an array of choices from so many celebrated international watch brands entering India as well the presence of domestic premium quality brands, it would a hard time for consumers in India when it comes to purchase.


  • Rising wages impacts Bangladesh’s garment industry profits, leading it to be compared with 9/11 like impact on a country, by businessmen.


  • Nine West continues to strengthen its place in Korea with GRI – GRI decided to directly enter the Korean market as it is seen as a trendsetter in the Asian fashion industry,” Kang said. With the entry of such a direct distributor, Nine West shoe prices dropped by about 20 percent.


  • Jeans seems to be going out of fashion – For sure, across globe this would not be a pleasant news to both men and women to whom a pair of Jeans were one of the synonyms of fashion. According to a semi-annual study released by financial services firm Piper Jaffray, leggings and yoga pants from Lululemon were ranked as the favorites among female teens this spring and Nike was the most popular trend brand among boys, the Huffington Post reported.


  • As Burberry gets happy – Burberry Group, a British luxury fashion chain, announced Wednesday that total revenue in the six months to March 31, 2014 was up 19 percent from a year earlier, reaching 1.29 billion pounds.


  • Zalora launches fashion marketplace in 3 countries – it seems like e-commerce is sweeping over all trends with its jaw-dropping deals and large collection of probably all available brands. If you’re looking for new channels to buy and sell fashion items, then Zalora has a new option for you. After announcing its plan for a marketplace for third-party merchants in January, the ecommerce company launched the platform yesterday in three countries: Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.