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Last week we traveled to Busan. A beautiful coastal city at the southern tip of South Korea. Busan is the second most largest city in Korea both in terms of population and popularity after Seoul. A 2 night 3 day trip which wasn’t very awaited turned out to be one of the most memorable trip of my life. Maximum fun with minimum luggage with free hands to capture what our eyes see in Camera is my husband’s travel mantra. I abide it. Therefore a long light pink shrug, a pair of light leather-like comfortable boots, a pair of black shorts, 2 tops, a bag with essentials and a pair of cool sunglasses. 





The experience of sunset added further to happy minds and curious souls.IMG_7149

The pink shrug was so ideal amidst nature and the cool breeze 



Cool water splashes at the Gangwali bridge at night was awesome.


I was just beginning to take that 4.7 km trail path right behind me. Unplanned of course.
IMG_7333It was such a fun. Loved every bit of it



Boutique Shopping…. The Full Spot Factory & Moeum

Seoul is truly a shopping haven. Unlike other destinations of Asia (where I haven’t been yet) Korea prides itself for its made in Korea label. Unlike any other metropolis Seoul has all of Michel Kors, Zara, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Farrago, Forever 21, Burberry, H&M and all yet here exists a great behavior of boutique shopping trends. The best places of Seoul to check out boutique stores would be Itaewon (where I stay ), Appujeong, Gangnam and Garosagil . It was in Garusagil one day while I was wondering with my camera where I came across two stores about which I would like to mention in post today.


The Full spot Factory – Now this is a popular brand from Italy. Though it has made its presence felt very much in Europe, its now in South Korea for some time. However unlike the trend of getting every single consumer centric name to the glitzy image of ruthless ‘brandism’ the Full Spot Factory is playing it quite and niche among the selective buyers in Seoul. I happened to have strolled into their shop, primarily because of the attractive colors and loved every bit of it. I did not know about this brand before. The Full spot factory Seoul outlet is mainly endorsing bags at the moment and they are worth a buy. Sleek, bright and different would be the 3 words I would like to describe them with. They have different sizes and are priced from $75 (US) and above. Check them out at or their Facebook page at

2 3 4 5 Moeum – Honestly, it was their very inviting walkway décor to the store, which got me. Moeum’s footwear style was classic and honestly was not anything I hadn’t seen before. But even the classic designs, which they displayed, were stylishly unusual. Specially the colors used and the intelligent use of leather. Their collection of summer flats and gladiator flats were very distinct which I have not seen in Seoul or other parts of Korea before. Check them out at The décor including the wall art was breathtaking. It will surely attract any buyer’s attention.

1 2 3 4 5



No, never really I did think what I am wearing, matters. Fur to me was just something soft. Visually wearing fur is not very appealing. Primarily a winter-wear, fur is usually worn in most mild and cool climates around the world due to its superior warmth and durability. Ethnically indigenous people like Inuit peoples of the Arctic, Russia, Scandinavia and Japan wear fur. Fur is surely not an exclusive winter-wear choice but for decades it had continued to be sought-after and premium.


Some common animals, which are the main source of extraction for fur garments, include fox, rabbit, mink, beaver, stoat, otter, sable, seals, cats, dogs, coyotes, chinchilla, and possum. Prizes fur jackets, overcoats, headwear and scarfs greatly vary depending on their color and texture.


This post voices the opinion that fashion should be fur free. It is fundamentally very unstylish to wear a life for fashion. For the sake of debate, it is surelyl unacceptable to consume lives as well, however that is altogether a separate discussion. Fortunately we are living in a very equipped era for all kinds of climatic hassles compared to tribal groups who took to wearing fur garments to combat the harsh winters. Because of such fashion preferences for a niche group of people animals are ruthlessly killed to fulfill the unexplained quest for exclusivity and style. In such industries often barbaric instances like dog and cat fur being sold and labeled as Mongolian wolf takes place to disguise the buyers. Furriers often sell fur of exotic animals like raccoon dogs.

Buyers pay thousands of dollars to buy garments made of fur from Red fox, Golden jackal, cats, minks, and rabbits.

Is it all worth it?

Celebrities are one of the key drivers behind the rise of this practice, yet equally there are celebrities who are responsible. It is the pick of the followers which path they are eager to take.


Supports Wearing Fur

  • Lady gaga – Her Mtv award meat dress says, how much animals are unsafe around her
  • Jennifer Lopez – Animal prints always
  • Paris Hilton
  • Kim Kadarshian
  • Beyonce


Against fur

  • Paul McCartney
  • Khloe Kardashian
  • Kate Winslet
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Ke$ha
  • Pamela Anderson
  • Angelina Jolie


See below some of the anti-fur campaigns from around the world :



(Source – )


(Source –



(Source –

We have all come to world with equal rights. It is our moral right to protect the vulnerable and the innocents as much as possible which are within our rights. Each conscious step taken in our every life creates a massive collective impact.

Fashion is flamboyant not fragile.