The Midweek Look



I rarely wear those earpieces

That’s my latest “I am working” haircut


Fashion world’s new Robin hood – Kanye West & his collection

So this week was mostly all about Kanye West’s launch of new collection in collaboration with adidas in New York. Fashion websites this week was all about hollywood celebrities who attended this show and the apparent discomfort between Kim Kadarshian & Beyonce. In this post of mine, I am going to voice my opinion about Kanye’s collection, and it does matter, because I could have paid to buy these no-brainer jackets and pale army tops.

Before I get to the collection, I must mention Adidas. Adidas is considered an innovative and responsible sports fashion wear brand with a great lineage. How could a prestigious platform like adidas have have signed up for this???

Primarily due his association with the Kadarshian clan and secondarily due to music, Kanye is a ever growing popular personality. I like his personality, he is very gentle and well-spoken. But, a collection of this sort was absolutely unnecessary.

Kanye West launched his Adidas original collection last week in New york. Guess, he did not learn anything from his shows in Paris during 2011. The clothes have a worn-out army feel against tight bodied stockings. What is exactly creative about this? I have similar tens of old torn winter wears.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 8.08.34 pm


Image Source –

1 2 3 Analysing his success at this point is pointless, as it hardly has to do anything with creativity in today’s fashion scene, but it surely would be sustainable. Kanye very humbly does not considers considering himself a designer and the rationale behind launching this collection was a “solution to problems” faced by him and his friends and an echo to some old London riots. This sportswear collection took him 18 months to complete in association with the adidas team . Fashion publicist Kelly Cutron’s cruelly slamming the collection was pretty inevitable.

An Apple Gift this Chinese New Year

While beginning to write this post I am looking out of the window. I can see few red color accessories hanging from the head of the windows on almost every floor, on the opposite side of the building. I see…. It’s the Chinese New Year. Now, on retrospection I understand why all the traditional Chinese eating joints are so over crowded and why almost everything is sold out in the shops. It’s the season of shopping, hopping and gifting. In this post I would talk of gifting – The tradition of gifting during festivals in Asia. However as I write about gifting, I must highlight the most sought after gift is American.

It is not new that Apple is the most preferred gifting brand amongst the Chinese consumers. This fever is very much in trend in Singapore for sometime now and peaks during the Chinese New Year. Apple has ramped up its current ‘iphone’ 6 offerings for this occasion at different telecom service providing outlets like Singtel and Starhub in Singapore.

photo 2 (10)

The swanky looking sleek gold and silver handsets are a crucial part of lifestyle and personal statement not only amongst the affluent and semi-affluent sections but also among the youth and senior adults of the asian society (broadly speaking about China, South East Asia and South Korea). It has grown into every conscious, ambitious & fashionable’s brand of desire. Well, I desire this brand and love to own it. Apple has outranked Samsung in technology and luxury brands like Louis Vuitton & Hermes in China.

Now with the Apple ‘iwatch’ expected to come onboard very soon it very soon going to create a huge space for itself in this already-crowded niche market. I am an ardent Apple lover and feel it has truly become the brand of gifting for the moment.

A short update from my new city – Singapore

Its been quite some time now I have blogged, though it was subconsciously there in my mind. Lots have taken place since the last few months. Changes are not limited to my location only, but an emotional and lifestyle upheaval has taken place too. Relocating from Seoul was decided. Yes, moving to a new place, living in new city, working in a new place, living in a new home do sound interesting, yet familiarising with the unfamiliar is the most daunting and exhausting task.

Singapore – my new destination, is a very simple & easy place to live in, yet I have not found my place yet. Unlike Seoul where I only consumed visual content due to lack of understanding the language, here in Singapore I don’t face that challenge, however I still lag behind to catch up with the pace of the city. Be it the SG50 campaign running across the city or the semi-tropical undefined style of fashion, I am finding it easy yet baffling to grasp entirely. Talking of fashion, unlike the Korean culture where “whats-in” is the key to dressing throughout the year, here in Singapore it is more about comfort. The best time to experience the dressing scene in Singapore is during the early rush hours in the morning. Appropriate make-up, nude shade kitten heels, linen trouser and long scarfs are the usual everyday woman wears. My workplace is simply cute with lot of happy and chirpy Singaporean faces and a very inspiring boss. Everyday here is a challenge, yet a new learning. I am stumbling every moment and standing the next.


IMG_6892Hope I find my place in this new city soon. Keeping Fingers Crossed

“The Return” a video on Coco Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld – A review

“ The Return “ by Karl Lagarfeld is a short movie shared by Chanel on its official YouTube page. The video is about Coco Chanel’s return to the fashion scenario after 15 years of absence, the gradual aging and the way her return collections are being received both by the French and the American media. The film also features famous personas like Geraldine Chaplin in the role of Gabrielle Chanel, Rupert Everett, Anna Mouglalis, Lady Amanda Harlech, Arielle Dombasle, Kati Nescher, Vincent Darré and Sam McKnight.

I believe the film has been made for the English audience keeping in mind all the aesthetics and details of the period as honestly as possible. It is just a quick peep-in into the foundation and history of one of the most iconic, desired and luxurious label in the world. The film walks us through the minute glances of emotion, Coco Chanel might have felt at that point of her life. It’s a perfect show of reality in the world of fashion where revenues, reviews, availability, networking and surely time plays a great role.

 “Nothing works anymore “ – is a very genuine feeling in the movie by Coco; from someone who had already proved herself and tasted success and prestige. There are two very stylish scenes one should look for in the film, the one where the model with the impeccable sensuous voice reads Coco an old letter by one of her admirer’s on Coco’s request. And, the second one would be the classic photo shoot scene with all the models.

The film is a fine representation of the European fashion society and portrays the white pearls worn by coco Chanel, designer headwear and hats worn by the ladies, perfect lady makeup and the gorgeous fabrics on the models beautifully.


The Travel Look – Because fashion is a state of mind

Last week we traveled to Busan. A beautiful coastal city at the southern tip of South Korea. Busan is the second most largest city in Korea both in terms of population and popularity after Seoul. A 2 night 3 day trip which wasn’t very awaited turned out to be one of the most memorable trip of my life. Maximum fun with minimum luggage with free hands to capture what our eyes see in Camera is my husband’s travel mantra. I abide it. Therefore a long light pink shrug, a pair of light leather-like comfortable boots, a pair of black shorts, 2 tops, a bag with essentials and a pair of cool sunglasses. 





The experience of sunset added further to happy minds and curious souls.IMG_7149

The pink shrug was so ideal amidst nature and the cool breeze 



Cool water splashes at the Gangwali bridge at night was awesome.


I was just beginning to take that 4.7 km trail path right behind me. Unplanned of course.
IMG_7333It was such a fun. Loved every bit of it


Mascara, Brushes & Eyelashes


South Korea’s beauty and makeup industry is not clearly visible internationally. One doesn’t realize it unless this place is visited and its endless variety of cosmetics is experienced. Few days’ back I was fortunate to receive an invitation from a Korean cosmetic company to a beauty and makeup workshop along with few other enthusiastic foreigners in Korea. The session held some really interesting makeup hygiene ways and tips, which we casually overlook or skip, in our personal lives.

Of the many insights shared that day during the class, I would like to highlight two points, which I personally learnt a lot from.

3Whenever we apply foundation, be it powder or liquid we tend to dab it or equally spread and massage it throughout our face, reaching to our neckline for an even look. We do not realize that applying the same amount of foundation on face and forehead isn’t appropriate. Our foreheads appear to have visible thick layers of the cream from the rest of the face and stands out. This becomes more relevant for people with wider forehead. The right way of doing it should be separately applying the foundation on face and apply gentle dabs on the forehead.

The second one is for the eyes. This was truly a unique learning for all. In order to have thick, voluminous and curled eye lashes there’s a secret tool that can be used along with mascaras and eyelash curlers – Just Kidding. It’s just a thin small stick (something like a longer version of a matchstick) and a cigar lighter. After curling the lashes and applying the mascaras burn the stick on one end for few seconds. Then with light breeze from your mouth gently cool it down and press the eyelashes from beneath to upside in an inside to outside style, similar to wearing mascaras. This gives the eyelashes a very natural volume.


Later the makeup artist walked up to each member to address individual queries, as all the members from different parts of the world with different skin tone, bone structure and facial features. During this Q&A and makeup exercise among the participants and the makeup artist I had an observation about the Korean beauty. Somehow the Korean beauty sensibility does not recognize warmer skin tones and women with larger body frames. It’s evident when one goes shopping in Korea and struggles to find a dress meant for larger bodies. Similarly when the make artist began my makeup, she mentioned in Korea bases or foundations for warmer skin tone are rare to find in Korea simply because ‘its rare’.


The event was a great learning experience for everyone. Picasso’s products are found online –


Online Store



Customized a White T into this…

It was one of those boring and humid summer afternoons when I literally had nothing to do. A year back while traveling to Paris via Moscow our luggage was misplaced. Me and my husband arrived in the 13 degree C chilly city of Paris with clothes worn and 2 pure white T-Shirts for survival, untill we got our luggage back – Courtesy AirFrance. A million thanks to god and the AirFrance Customer Care officials who tracked down our belongings, delivered them to our hotel and made our irritation last only for 48 hours. 

Fast forward – Those 2 white T’s wear not worn after that. So while pondering over what to do with them, I made this summer top out of it. All I needed was a pair of scissors. Source of the idea was multiple videos from the internet.

photo 2 (9)

photo 1 (9)I am completely aware that a pair of black heel would have made the look complete, but I had a fresh cut right beneath my ankle, so needed something comfortable.

photo 3 (7)