“The Return” a video on Coco Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld – A review

“ The Return “ by Karl Lagarfeld is a short movie shared by Chanel on its official YouTube page. The video is about Coco Chanel’s return to the fashion scenario after 15 years of absence, the gradual aging and the way her return collections are being received both by the French and the American media. The film also features famous personas like Geraldine Chaplin in the role of Gabrielle Chanel, Rupert Everett, Anna Mouglalis, Lady Amanda Harlech, Arielle Dombasle, Kati Nescher, Vincent Darré and Sam McKnight.

I believe the film has been made for the English audience keeping in mind all the aesthetics and details of the period as honestly as possible. It is just a quick peep-in into the foundation and history of one of the most iconic, desired and luxurious label in the world. The film walks us through the minute glances of emotion, Coco Chanel might have felt at that point of her life. It’s a perfect show of reality in the world of fashion where revenues, reviews, availability, networking and surely time plays a great role.

 “Nothing works anymore “ – is a very genuine feeling in the movie by Coco; from someone who had already proved herself and tasted success and prestige. There are two very stylish scenes one should look for in the film, the one where the model with the impeccable sensuous voice reads Coco an old letter by one of her admirer’s on Coco’s request. And, the second one would be the classic photo shoot scene with all the models.

The film is a fine representation of the European fashion society and portrays the white pearls worn by coco Chanel, designer headwear and hats worn by the ladies, perfect lady makeup and the gorgeous fabrics on the models beautifully.



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