Mascara, Brushes & Eyelashes


South Korea’s beauty and makeup industry is not clearly visible internationally. One doesn’t realize it unless this place is visited and its endless variety of cosmetics is experienced. Few days’ back I was fortunate to receive an invitation from a Korean cosmetic company to a beauty and makeup workshop along with few other enthusiastic foreigners in Korea. The session held some really interesting makeup hygiene ways and tips, which we casually overlook or skip, in our personal lives.

Of the many insights shared that day during the class, I would like to highlight two points, which I personally learnt a lot from.

3Whenever we apply foundation, be it powder or liquid we tend to dab it or equally spread and massage it throughout our face, reaching to our neckline for an even look. We do not realize that applying the same amount of foundation on face and forehead isn’t appropriate. Our foreheads appear to have visible thick layers of the cream from the rest of the face and stands out. This becomes more relevant for people with wider forehead. The right way of doing it should be separately applying the foundation on face and apply gentle dabs on the forehead.

The second one is for the eyes. This was truly a unique learning for all. In order to have thick, voluminous and curled eye lashes there’s a secret tool that can be used along with mascaras and eyelash curlers – Just Kidding. It’s just a thin small stick (something like a longer version of a matchstick) and a cigar lighter. After curling the lashes and applying the mascaras burn the stick on one end for few seconds. Then with light breeze from your mouth gently cool it down and press the eyelashes from beneath to upside in an inside to outside style, similar to wearing mascaras. This gives the eyelashes a very natural volume.


Later the makeup artist walked up to each member to address individual queries, as all the members from different parts of the world with different skin tone, bone structure and facial features. During this Q&A and makeup exercise among the participants and the makeup artist I had an observation about the Korean beauty. Somehow the Korean beauty sensibility does not recognize warmer skin tones and women with larger body frames. It’s evident when one goes shopping in Korea and struggles to find a dress meant for larger bodies. Similarly when the make artist began my makeup, she mentioned in Korea bases or foundations for warmer skin tone are rare to find in Korea simply because ‘its rare’.


The event was a great learning experience for everyone. Picasso’s products are found online –


Online Store




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