#Kimye Wedding

Yes, the media stalked, paparazzi-bitten, hated but followed by all international media Kimye a.k.a Kim Kadarshian & Kanye West got married on May 24th 2014 in Florence. I clearly have no interest in infamous Kanye West or Kim Kadarshian, but this woman’s sense of fashion seriously shuts everyone up.


Throughout my growing up years I never disliked, hated or wanted to change my body as such, but I surely did feel uptight about my love handles and deposited fat in different parts of my upper body.




Off course the Internet is flooded with “love your body” messages, however nothing struck me, as Kim Kadarshian’s pictures. She is large and heavy in true sense and very relatable. Her personality is gentle and sharp, so is her makeup. It never came across through her pictures as if she’s trying to make a point. Every dress appears to be just right on her broad shoulders, heavy breasts & butts, feminine legs and bronze skin tone.

I wish she did not wear fur.



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