Spring is here




Spring is probably one of the seasons when Korea looks very pretty and bright, full with energy and bustling with joy. No matter what the season is Koreans in general are very outdoor people and spring gives them the opportunity to enjoy cherry trees also known as “Sakura” blooming throughout the city. During this time the daytime temperature ranges anything between 18 degree Celsius to 26 degree Celsius while at night it can dip down to 5 degree Celsius. It is very pleasant. That definitely calls for interesting clothes to be worn to enjoy this great season and to bring out the best in you. Unlike some warmer spring experienced in other parts of the world, a light chill still remains in the air throughout Korea particularly in Seoul (Since it is in the northern part of the country). Therefore spring fashion in Korea is really not full-on floral prints and bright colored stilettos. Listing down below some of my recent looks I had wore during my evening outings with my friends and husband


I wasn’t sure what I was going to wear this day as I felt like wearing a skirt and everything I had in my closet were heavy fabricated winter Skirts or very light summer Skirts. I decided to wear that one with a thick black stockings as my sweeter was black. I felt it would complement the sweeter. Guess it worked.


Since we were planing to walk through the ‘Namsan’ mountain to enjoy the lovely colors of spring I decided to go for opt for a flat footwear.


I was enjoying a late afternoon Cafe latte when my husband captured this snap. He totally got my lazy mood.


I had picked up that bi-colored top few years back H&M. Since I have a curvy body frame,I feel ideally this top should be worn with a skirt, but I somehow liked wearing it with this pair of pants


I guess my shifting dressing pattern throws good insight into the the unpredictable nature of weather in Seoul.




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