8 Free Awesome Fashion Apps

It is not that I am very well learned about the latest app trend or how the newly developed apps are impacting our lives in big way. Nor is it I am very much into apps and always keep a tab on what’s coming and going out from the present time or most importantly what in working. Like any other smartphone user after getting a hang of downloading app and the ease with which one can browse anywhere, it got me a bit absorbed. It got me a bit absorbed when slowly I realized how useful the apps could become in influencing one’s identity.  I take great interest in fashion and thoroughly enjoy the shoes, fabrics, hundreds of shades of one color, hairstyles, the market behind the industry and every other thing associated with it. Unlike yesteryears when the source of knowledge was entirely fashion magazines, ATL advertising and lately to a certain extent what the Internet search engines brought to us, today its space has broadened. Nor it is limited to any particular country or culture. I say this because during my growing up years I experienced and read all the fashion savvy men and women came from the west and they were huge international experience for our “high” class people and the celebrities. Asia meant only Japan. It could be the place where I grew up or maybe that was the preferred way of entertainment journalism those days. Hispanic fashion trends, Arab sense of style or the Russian and east European couture, were subjects totally missing. The huge scene of Chinese fashion market is a vey recent observation too. There are undoubtedly thousands of apps available today over Androids and IOSs, however the following fashion apps capture the global perspective and have distinct uses –

Instagram – Instagram is certainly an online photo-sharing social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos and apply digital filters to them, and share them on a variety of social networking services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. But also it is one of the best places to share an instant look with everyone and get feedbacks. Since Intagram is used by all popular celebs and famous personalities it is easier to keep a tab on whats going around. The most distinct feature of Instagram is the old school Polaroid theme in all its photo filters.


Pose – Now, I bumped into this app without any idea about it, but soon realized how very useful it is for everyday dressing to work, meeting friends, running errands and laying around as well. All fashionable people around the world come to this app to share what they are wearing including its price, brand and from where they have bought it. The USP of this app is it works as a fashion consultant by sharing the weather predictions of the day, seasonal dressing trend and an array of options for what to wear during a particular season of the year. If you want to know more about the what the person is wearing simply click on the dress, shoe, accessory, bag or headwear it will not only take you to the brand page from where you can shop it also it will let you search for other similar options.


Asos – This app is ideal for online shopping. Asos app is from a UK based global online fashion and beauty retailer selling branded and own-label products. It is a popular and well-regarded brand among the fashion media having local websites in 9 major countries – UK, US, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, Russia and China. The USP of this app for which I am recommending it is the free delivery service around the world. Therefore even if someone is not from the above-mentioned countries they can still purchase their liked products from Asos and get it delivered for free. It is the best place for budding designers for getting recognition and have uninterrupted interaction with all kind of buyers


CHIC FEED – From the endless fashion blogs (including mine 😉 ) available on the Internet from all over the world, it is tough to decide which one to follow as following everyone will simply mess up the dashboard. Chic Feed is more of an info fashion app. Chic feed gathers and compiles the best photos of latest street fashion, popular classic looks, accessories, shoes etc. from web’s top style and fashion blogs together. It’s more of a browsing experience. It’s different from other available similar fashion apps because it’s very organized and the image source is genuine


Cloth – I personally love this app, it makes me feel known, liked and followed. This app is basically digitally archive-your-looks app. This photo app lets you create a catalogue of your archived looks which would help you to refer to your past wardrobe anytime. These photos can be shared to your social networking sites and can also be submitted to clothapp.com, the shortlisted images will be displayed on cloth’s website.

It often happens with me when I am alone at home I open my cupboard and try my clothes in different ways and love my experimentation, but whenever I am going out I run out of ideas and fail to recreate that look. This app helps to categorize looks worn everyday. New and amateur fashion bloggers and photographers love this app. Cloth makes getting dressed a celebration.


Easy makeup & hair – The design and layout of the Easy makeup & hair app appears to be ancient with a face of an Asian girl as a logo (which I don’t get) but it is a really useful app. For hairstyles or quick styling tips I usually depend on YouTube content nevertheless found this app useful especially in front of the mirror looking for quick ideas and when YouTube was taking lot of time to buffer. Nothing cannot be done much to this app and it is primarily to browse but can be kept for a while


Style.com – Style.com is more of a global fashion news app. It offers images and videos of what’s happening in the fashion world. Style.com shares instant update from fashion shows, couture brands, launches from major fashion capitals of the world. The USP of this app is video footage from latest fashion shows, party pictures and feedbacks from the front-row faces at the fashion shows. This app is surely highlights the latest work of successful and famous designers around the world.


Depop  – This app is probably one of the few fashion apps, which would be adored by everyone, because it lets you earn money. This app is a fun way to buy and sell your stuffs, however it is not limited to fashion only. You can add your friends from social networking websites and see what they are buying or selling. By taking pictures and sharing Depop can help you meet interested buyers as well as negotiate with them privately. All buying and selling is done through PayPal for safer transactions.



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