Dear You

Dear You, Do you remember

It took me lot of dare and little time to dial that number

During those days, only those digits drove me restless from January through December

Dear You, Do you remember

How coy and undeserving I felt, when that suave, bright and gentle fellow walked to me

My hands sweat, my skin felt cold and I felt sick from stomach to knee

Dear You, Do actually you remember

That winter clad railway platform when I rushed to capture those two expensive hours in one whole given year,

You turned your back and left the place, however I grew patient, older and forgot to shed any tear

Dear You, Do you anymore remember

That midnight which belonged to the fresh early April,

You kept uncovering the truth, leaving me with my ambitious mind and a telephone bill

Dear You, Do you remember

How for years you had afforded to disremember my being, my existence 

Unfamiliar to me now are those days which were devoid of a company, a scheduled life and a smile full of pretense

Dear You, Do you remember

How fate had rebuilt us through weary times and pure passion

Back then we had never calculated our moves,discussed matters or on each other made any impression

Dear You, Then why now,you do not want to remember

That with you I have walked way to long, I cannot unwalk this journey, I will be alone

I can crawl to you breathing your smell and hearing your boyish tone

Dear You, Why do you not want to remember

My susceptible mind which reads your absence in frequent night’s darkness

Home always stands on the foundation of togetherness

This home had always stood on your rationale and my anti fame

This home had always stood on your sorted mind and my loony games

This home had always lived with a soft man and a woman comparatively bolder

This home had always slept at night when you kissed me goodnight on my shoulder

Dear You, Dont you remember

How fragile is my anger, so is my hatred

Even if I speak of our separate ways & individual turns, internally I feel devastated

These days, all I ask from you is some liberty, nor time, money or space

Correct me if I am wrong, when I say you had embraced me for my demeanor and surely not my face

I still remember, you too should remember

Together we can win humanity,prosperity & destiny – alone we would definitely die

Your truthfulness would keep us going, all else would end if you lie

Dear You, Please do remember

You and I aren’t defined by valuables, strength, past & present or even physical distance

You still haven’t realized owning you for life had cracked the deal for me, since then I have never had any grievance 

Dear You,,,,,,

———-Fashionably Your’s

                                               ME !


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