Diana, My Muse

Elegant, graceful, suave, gentle, flawless, precise, affectionate, playful, famous – if I have to summarize all the adjectives into one I would spell it as Diana. Ex princess of Wales who still thrives in many hearts is my fashion muse. I am born, grown and living in a different time from hers, but from the very moment I started understanding her I have been in awe with her awesomeness. Always and throughout she had been a subject of curiosity and attention of the world media for any purpose on the face of the earth. Her appearance was magnetic, her smile was powerful, her body language was political and yet the way she ignored was polite. She lived short, but her stint was impressive. It was her marvelous sense of style applauded with her coy yet casual personality that made her increasingly stand out beyond her title and lineage. Over the years I realized there are few fundamental fashion takeaways and this beautiful lady has acknowledged the same in her life too.

Experimenting with the New

The fresh are the originals, which paves the way for a trend. Diana, known to wear outfits designed by well-known and celebrated fashion designers started the married life differently. On the day of her marriage she was wearing a beautiful white wedding gown by very less known David and Elizabeth Emanuel. It was a long dress and had been part of a very memorable event to many people around the globe.

Every time she appeared in any event, it was magic to see her because of her traditional pattern of untraditional dressing.


 Suits, Suits, Suits

She seriously had lots, lots and lots of suits in all possible pastel shades. She exactly knew how to get down from her car, to greeting dignitaries all over the world to expressing her genuine emotions to the ill and vulnerable. Her sense of presentation was gifted yet very un-royal.












he commonly wore outfits designed by designer Catherine Walker and Versace. She looked nothing less even when she wore Ralph Lauren and other designers.



She commonly wore outfits designed by designer Catherine Walker and Versace. She looked nothing less even when she wore Ralph Lauren and other designers.

Subtle Makeup

Never for a time did she ever looked prepared. It could be the natural color of her eyes, her blonde hair, which never stood out, or it could be simply the way she combined everything. She always appeared effortless.


Loose It Up Ladies

Of the many things the best inspiring aspect of her style was she was not always completely firm. And, this extended very much to her public appearances as well. This is a very unusual side of Diana’s, which I haven’t commonly encountered in other fashion icons.


At last it is who you are. I believe it’s not the dresses that are worn; it’s indeed ourselves what we wear. Every color that is worn, all the drapes that hang, the slits speak volumes about the character. Throughout Diana’s appearances never once she failed to command the respect of a woman, a loving mother and a fantastic ambassador of Britain.

(All the above pictures have been sourced from Diana Facebook page and other sites from Google search results)


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