Fashion in Seoul

This is my second year in South Korea and so far I like it with all its odds. During my initial interviewing days, I was told by one of the senior tourism veteran professional in Seoul, that “Looks are very important in career in Korea”. I thought “well, where it isn’t  but then she said “sometimes more than your skills, expertise and talent” that time I wasn’t sure what to think or how to react. I understood her words through my observance which followed.


There is nothing called casual wearing in South Korea, Seoul in particular. Even casual wearing has decorum. The best time to glare to into Korean sense of fashion is during the wee hours of morning-when all the decked up ladies and gentlemen are on their way to work. Their perfection in carrying their style definition is unbeatable. I personally like the winter fashion.

Shoes – Tall strong looking boots and subtle ballerina’s are my favorite picks for amongst footwear in SEOUL. No matter how high the heels are and no matter how much distance is to be covered, these feminine coy beauties carry it with a very impressive grace. Some of the best places in Seoul to picks these fashions are Gangnam, Lotte Mart, Sinsegae Stores etc. For people who wants them despite a disciplined wallet, like me, check out Myeong-dong area, Itaewon, Ehwa women’s university backalleys, Sinchon subway underground shopping and many more


 Bags – They are one of my biggest weakness’ among all the other accessories. South Korea has one of the best unbranded fashionable bag markets, I believe. The locally manufactured bags have great leather quality, perfect finish, weighs light and not to miss, gorgeous colors. South Korea is often referred to as the “Germany of Asia” while referring to quality check of goods.They are nothing less than the Louis Vuitton, Prada, Aldo or Hermes. I heard that the Bangkok, Hong kong and Singapore are big favorites when it comes to fashion shopping, but I recommend trying out this quite Asian tiger which will never let you complain.



Men – One thing among Korean fashion which I am not much fond of is Men fashion. Firstly Korean men in general have a very soft and polite look and a very lean structure. Men and young guys who sometimes choose to grow mustache or stubble look relatively better. But otherwise I don’t get how they can carry women bags on their left hand and scroll through their smartphones effortlessly. However one thing in common is that they are very gentle and neat in their attire.

In person I may not come across very fashionable, but after coming to this city I have definitely broaden my interest in fashion.


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