Fall Wear Trends !

The unpleasant summer is quietly escaping, I am blissfully taking a sip into my mint tea at my workstation, its a late morning of September and it’s that time of the year. After so long my most awaited season of the year is coming.


These will be the days of bright & warm lunch at work, happy Starbucks & cozy Caffee Bene coffees, watching unfinished episodes of “How I met your mother”, bright nail polishes complimenting the newly bought shoes and that gorgeous ice-cold breeze running through my hair. I simply love fall in Korea. The love of fall cannot survive happily without the love of fashion. Globally fall fashion is a big time trend. I was browsing to look for new fall collections at United Colors of Benetton,Korea and I came across this dress.

She is a UBC Korea staff and not a model. I came across this image while browsing through some culture stories on the UBC Korea website. I loved the attitude she is wearing – casual yet confident while carefree yet cautious. The attire appears to be light and airy however highlights an appropriate understanding of her body. In this image this girl adorns a very un-korean image.

Courtesy UBC Website

However when I looked closer I felt the absence of an armlet or bangle. All in all I really liked her look. For a similar taste the following dress is suggestive. It can be picked at United Colors of Benetton,Korea

Courtesy UBC Website

Refer to http://bit.ly/1f6pNez for further information. It is priced at around US $ 158.

I would also recommend the following attire as a great day Fall wear.

Courtesy UBC Website

Yes it’s more feminine

yet very chic. I came across this dress across UBC’s International Website


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